VITROTREE is an agrobiotechnology company founded in 2018 and based in Valladolid – Spain. We are dedicated to the micropropagation of plus trees of woody species for different purposes: quality wood, plant extracts, etc., and where R&D plays a major role. Thanks to this, we can offer solutions that meet the needs of the majority of our clients, as well as quality products, efficiently and competitively.
Our company has its own production nursery and micropropagation laboratory, highly qualified and specialized scientific-technical personnel, and first-rate technology and equipment, which allows us to advance in the search for new profitable alternatives and offer plants with the characteristics desired.
We also offer our clients a wide list of services at a competitive price that will allow them to obtain the best performance from their projects.
The monitoring of new trends and the establishment of numerous collaborations and research projects with different centers in the sector allow us to develop new technologies with which we obtain new products that meet the needs of the market.
At VITROTREE we offer the largest catalog of clonal plants obtained through in vitroculture of the most important timber species, and we are an international benchmark and the ideal partner for many investors.

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At VITROTREE we offer our clients a wide range of trees, specifically selected, in order to obtain a unique, quality, sustainable and ecological wood.


Thanks to the R&D effort and the experience gained in the use of biomass, VITROTREE has managed to develop advanced technology that allows it to collaborate in international biomass generation projects.


VITROTREE develops bio-products and economically competitive processes, derived from plant raw materials and by-products from the forestry and agricultural industry.





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